Paradigm CRM system

Having the technological infrastructure in place to meet the ever demanding requirements of brokering energy is more important now than it has ever been. With tighter regulations and more complex billing and payment terms, having a system to both manage the customer acquisition and interactions, and the complex back office admin function that goes with it, has never been more crucial.Paradigm is a powerful web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed specifically for use in the business energy consultancy sector. It was developed with the aim of improving security, efficiency, productivity and customer experience. It offers a unique end to end solution for carrying out the energy contract re-negotiation process whilst ensuring all of the necessary admin functions are completed within the required timeframes.




Paradigm will allow you to focus clearly on your most valuable asset: your customers.

In many companies, valuable potential in the form of data received via customer interactions is often lost as there’s no means of capturing that information for future use. This is where a CRM comes into its own. You can unlock this potential using Paradigm: with the introduction of Paradigm, this knowledge is always captured and made available at the time it’s needed.

Paradigm supports you in establishing professional customer management in your company, and bringing all of your business processes in line with your customer requirements. It does so by increasing transparency and efficiency – which all contributes towards structured working throughout your company.

As well as improving efficiency and productivity, Paradigm supports you in creating long-term customer relationships which helps maximise your company’s success. This system will give you a real competitive edge and will help reduce the time required for your business to grow.

Some of the benefits

  • All the necessary information on your prospects is always at your fingertips. When you make contact, it is always at the right time and can carry the most impact.
  • You can identify sales opportunities early and then make the most of them.
  • Your employees benefit from the support that a CRM system brings as it relieves them of routine tasks and saves time for other work.
  • As they have all the relevant information at their fingertips your employees can make more informed decisions and increase their efficiency when dealing with customers.
  • Customers notice if your employees are motivated, confident and competent which all helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Paradigm can be integrated with most VOIP platforms to provide a dialler-like experience for the end user and when configured this way there is no more manual dialling required. However, it is not a requirement to have VOIP capability, but where a more traditional telephony system is utilised the “click to call” function will not be available.

Paradigm allows the addition of an organisation with any combination of sites and meters meaning that, regardless of how a business is structured, they can be efficiently added to the system. From the point a customer is added any future interactions will be made through Paradigm.

A powerful call back capability means that you will never miss another call. Detailed notes can be collected on the back of each interaction and account managers will be notified of any call backs scheduled but not made.

Each process an account manager would carry out is completed through Paradigm. From sending introductory e-mails with case studies and brochures, to issuing LOAs, quotes and contracts, everything is completed at the touch of a button. Furthermore, Paradigm has the capability to receive and store information related to a customer or site ensuring that all documentation is securely retained and accessible when required. Bills, LOAs, contract packs (both written and verbal) and important e-mail threads are some of the documents Paradigm has the ability to retain.

All customer quotes are generated by Paradigm and e-mailed to the customer via a system generated PDF. This way, your customers will always receive a well presented, easy to understand, document, detailing the specific terms of each offer.

Paradigm has a unique feature to allow account managers to efficiently deal with any objections, rejections and terminations, ensuring that all must be dealt with and cannot be missed. One of the fundamental benefits of Paradigm is its ability to reduce the revenue lost as a consequence of administrative errors or oversights.

If an account manager leaves then we’ve developed a feature which allows the transfer of individual accounts, a selection of their accounts, or their entire system to another account manager.

An integrated report suite provides a number of useful reports to ensure visibility of everything from your customer base and your agent productivity to your cash flow forecast and data list productivity.

This is the one of the most powerful CRM systems on the market today and being specifically developed for the energy broker sector, the obvious benefits make this the go to product for consultants looking to increase their client base and customer experience.

To find out more about Paradigm, or to book an online demonstration, call us today on 0191 466 1213 or alternatively request a call back.