DB Regio

DB Regio Tyne & Wear Ltd. (operators of Tyne and Wear Metro in North East England) have been working in close collaboration with IU Consult, a leading energy consultancy service provider to obtain cost effective low voltage electricity from renewable sources and provide a data monitoring and management service through on-line visibility of applicable meters located at various Metro Stations.

IU Consult, as part of a thorough market testing exercise, and through their strong relationship with Scottish Power, have been able to provide a tailored service, delivering optimal value for money by enabling  the consolidation of the metered electricity volumes through 51 separate locations / stations in Tyne and Wear.

Objectives included energy volume consolidation for 51 sites; installation of “smart” meters to maintain compliance with the OFGEM Supplier Obligation Directive; increased visibility of energy usage per location / site via on-line portal access and the introduction of use of energy from renewable sources.

IUConsult has worked closely with DB Regio representatives and Scott Watson of Scottish Power in order to ensure these objectives were met / exceeded where possible.

All parties are now delighted to announce that in addition to lowering unit rates, Scottish Power have confirmed the DB Regio contract will be supplied with100% renewable energy sources.

This process was completed in July 2014 and has ensured that the commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of DB Regio Tyne and Wear Ltd was in line with its parent company Deutsche Bahn’s vision of reducing the company’s global specific CO₂ emissions by 2020.”