What are energy consultants?

As energy consultants, IUConsult operate as an agent in a deregulated energy market and act as an intermediary between the energy suppliers and business energy end users. Our role and scope of responsibilities in commercial energy sales are similar to that of an estate agent’s role in home sales.

Unlike the suppliers, consultants never actually own the electricity or gas traded between the parties, or the means of producing or consuming that commodity. We act on behalf of one or both parties in the transaction and for this earn a commission paid to us by the supplier.

Our customers will never receive an invoice for work carried out by IUConsult.

In addition to assisting with energy contract transactions and negotiations, IUConsult will also perform duties ranging from solving complex billing issues, helping customers with energy related queries and energy saving services.

IUConsult are important to the success of the suppliers as we help them to build their customer base. Consequently they pass on competitive prices that we’re able to pass onto you.

Our wide selection of contracts, and our experience of negotiating them, allows us to meet the energy buying needs of all shapes and sizes of business. We work with new start-ups, large industrial and corporate sites, and everything in between.

More than two thirds of businesses value the help they get from their energy broker or consultant, according to a 2013 survey for Ofgem.

IUConsult are committed to providing the highest level of service and that’s why we work within the guidelines set out by Ofgem’s new code of practice for brokers and other third party intermediaries (TPIs).