Our simple 5 step process takes the hassle out of switching your supply:

  1. Get in early

Most people leave sorting their energy contracts until the last minute but can often miss out on better deals that were available earlier. IUConsult can often negotiate your new rates 12 months in advance of your contract end date. We all know that energy prices increase year on year and so by getting in touch early can mean you get today’s prices locked in for when your contracts do end. If your contracts are due to end within the next 12 months call now to get a quote. 0191 4661220

  1. Complete a “Letter of Authority” (LOA)

To get the most accurate quotations we may need to ask your current supplier for information around your usage. To do this we need you to complete an LOA which gives us your authorisation to request this information. You can find a downloadable version of this here or you can call and one of the team will e-mail one out to you

  1.  Let us know about your business so we can advise on the best options available to you.

It’s important that we get to know about your needs so that we can find the best fit. We will need to gather some basic information to do this but everything we do need can be found on a recent bill. We’ll be looking to find out:

  • Your current supplier
  • The date(s) your current contract(s) end
  • Do you have multiple sites or meters
  • Your meter number(s) (MPAN / MPR)
  • Whether you’re looking for a short or long term deal
  • Any specific requirements around energy management services

  1. Let us get on with searching the market for the best deals for you whilst you concentrate on your business.

We will take the information and approach all of the suppliers on your behalf. We will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best deal but will always present you with a shortlist of options. We will be able to talk you through each offer and advise on the benefits of each so that you’re able to make an informed choice. With our knowledge and relationships we’re able to do this quickly so you can often get your offers within 24hrs or sooner.

  1. Pick the deal you want

Once you’ve decided on the deal you want we will draw up the contracts and complete all of the necessary paperwork for you. The only thing we ask you to do is sign the contract as, unlike some consultants, we won’t sign on your behalf.

Once the contracts are received we will send them to the relevant supply and confirm with you once they’re secured.