Why use a consultant?

Maintaining a Competitive Market

When energy suppliers are forced to compete for your business, you save money. If suppliers feel that they have no competition the price offered will be higher. Consultants force competition and so help keep prices down. Many suppliers will offer a different price to brokers as compared to giving a customer a price directly, simply because they know they have to compete for the business.

Consultant Discounts

Many suppliers will offer a different price to consultants as compared to a customer directly, simply because the larger consultancies are placing many customers with the suppliers. A supplier is much more likely to give a competitive price to a consultant because they know competitive pricing through a consultant will get them the opportunity for more business.

Additional Services

IU Consult offer consulting services that go far beyond the scope of what a supplier can offer. Most suppliers are only interested in giving a price to supply electricity or gas, which is their core business. In addition to renewing your energy contracts IU Consult can help with such things as bill validation, VAT audits, and energy management services, just to name a few.

Improved Choice

Faced with the prospect of shopping for energy on their own, most companies would be hard pressed to name more than three or four electricity suppliers to solicit pricing from. IU Consult work with all suppliers, increasing the probability of lower, more competitive pricing for you.

Industry Expertise

It is difficult for customers to properly and effectively compare the results of bids received from multiple suppliers. A suppliers bid is based in large part upon market prices for electricity which change by the minute. A price received from a supplier on one day, is NOT directly comparable to a price received from a second supplier on another day. This makes comparing results very difficult. Furthermore, the contract terms and conditions for each supplier are different. As an educated buyer for your company, you need to understand the subtle differences between the contracts. Some differences can materially affect what you pay. IU Consult has extensive experience with contract language, maintaining and reviewing all supplier contracts on a regular basis.

Industry Knowledge

Do you know for sure that all pricing components are included in the price you receive from a supplier? For example, some suppliers will quote prices which do not include certain taxes. This will make their price appear lower than it really is. IU Consult reviews all suppliers pricing for all pricing components, making sure all items are included so that the price you see is truly an all-in price.