Renewable Energy

Renewable energy contracts allow your business to support energy generated from sources such as, wind, hydroelectricity and solar power. More and more businesses are looking to renewable energy as a means to help reduce their impact on the environment but also to help meet certain renewable obligations they may have.

Government legislation and environmental concerns mean that more suppliers are able to offer renewable products and as their popularity increases they are becoming more affordable and therefore a viable option for more businesses.

For those looking for a green energy supply, switching to renewable energy for your business is an easy way to make a meaningful impact on the carbon emissions associated with your company’s activities.

Renewable energy for business is also a way to engage with customers who appreciate an organisation engaging with this aspect of corporate and social responsibility.

Typically renewable contracts work by the supplier making a commitment to match each unit used with electricity which has been generated from renewable sources. Businesses that opt for a renewable contract will be except from Climate Change Levy (CCL).

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